Hi! I'm Igor Minin, a developer
who loves Go, TypeScript and Vue.js.

And this is my little humble site


My open source project portfolio is kinda empty for now, because I can't post my code from work on the web.
But here is stuff available from my free time.

How I started loving vue


Angular typescript starter

BitBucket Server -> Slack notifier

Vue.js CLI TypeScript support

Equalizer APO UI

How I stopped loving Angular


Here's my work experience from the past few years


Rosbi Inform

Junior Developer

Participation in development of the client-server application with Caché DB as backend

Responsibility: writing of the utility classes and functions on Caché Object Script, and SQL queries to DB

September 2010 - October 2011

Eureca corp

Regular Developer

- Participation in development of the analytic system for processing various data formats (.NET, WinForms, Devexpress, Oracle). Creation of WPF controls to work with inner system objects

Responsibility: development of visualization and processing modules

- Participation in development of the Sharepoint application and creation of web-parts for it using Javascript and JQuery

October 2011 - November 2012

Eureca corp

Senior Developer

Development of ASP.NET MVC application for document management (ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework, JQuery, knockout.js, Bootstrap, Sql Server)

Responsibility: Controller + View including all javascript/jquery code

November 2012 - February 2014

Eureca corp

Lead Developer

- Development of Self-Hosted web-application using Angular.js for processing textual data aka text mining/factography (Nancy, Entity Framework, angular.js, Bootstrap, Sql Server CE)

Responsibility: full stack (from database structure to angular code)

- Development of Node.js application for parsing RSS feeds and visualization of classification data in real time (Node.js, angular, socket.io)

Responsibility: full stack

- Development of document management system on ExtJS

Responsibility: front end

February 2014 - September 2015


Senior developer / Front-end Tech Lead

Development of common AngularJS SDK for multiple banking projects (AngularJS, Typescript, Bootstrap, Webpack) similar to ng-cli for Angular 1

Responsibility: development of the core logic and base components, code review, refactoring and mentoring of other devs

September 2015 - October 2016


Senior developer

- Key role in development of IoT marketplace portal facing real customers for a big automotive company.

Responsibility: full-stack

Front-end responsibility: crucial components and overall project structure (AngularJS, TypeScript, SASS, webpack)

Back-end responsibility: REST + business logic development (Java EE, payara)

- Key role in development of internal web application to analyze the data for self driving cars.

Responsibility: full-stack

Front-end responsibility: crucial components and overall project structure (Angular 2-5 (with migration), TypeScript, SCSS, WebSockets, HTML5 video)

Back-end responsibility: rest + business logic development (Java EE, payara, PostgreSQL)

October 2016 - Present



- Architecture design and development of Self Sovereign Identity Wallet application and p2p Identity Platform based on the Verifiable Credentials and Digital Identifiers (DIDs).

Later project mostly focused on passwordless authentication: Cores

Responsibility: whole architecture and heavy development involvement (Go, Hyperledger Aries, Ansible, Terraform, Docker)

- Architecture design of data analytics platform for geo data processing. Platform focus is to process large amounts of geolocation data to give user tools to visually analyse it and do more complex data analytics on top. Based on serverless technologies and intended for high load/scale.

Responsibility: architecture design and development (Go, Fission, Serverless, Microservices, Kubernetes, CRDs, helm) + frontend implementation (TypeScript, Vue.js, MVT)

Was also responsible for serverless research to choose the best tools from available, like: Nuclio, Kubeflow, Openfaas, OpenWhisk etc.

- Development of decentralized blockchain orchestration platform.

Responsibility: development of custom peer-to-peer networking agent similar to libp2p (Go, UDP)

- Architecture design and development of blockchain based Smart Scooter platform. Platform was providing decentralized scooter sharing possibilities. Was developed from scratch with a custom hardware board and unique decentralized vehicle sharing backend: xRide

Responsibility: whole architecture design/planning of app development (Go, Microservices, Kubernetes, gRPC, Ethererum)

Was also fully responsible for whole monitoring stack from the IoT device board to the frontend (TICK stack, Grafana, Kubernetes, helm) + admin panel (Go, Vue.js)

- Architecture design and development of complex IoT marketplace portal: DIH

Front-end responsibility: Architecture design/planning mostly key parts in front-end app

development (Vue.js, TypeScript, SCSS).

Back-end responsibility: REST + business logic development (Java, Microservices, Spring Cloud, PostgreSQL)

January 2018 - Present

About Me

I've started my career as full-stack developer and later switched mostly to the front-end. This gave me a very vast experience in JS-related stuff and to this day I'm still a big fan of both VueJS and Typescript. Later on, I've moved to the architecture field and currently mostly use Go for development purposes.

For the long time I've been working in the industry I've worked with numerous different technologies and languages. Nowadays this really helps me being efficient architect in many diverse projects we do. I always continue to learn new stuff and strive for a new tech out there.

Currently on my free time I’m working on a Golang opensource project (see GitHub) to reverse-engineer the network protocol of my favourite old MMO and make it sustainable to support the server development in future


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